Captain McDougal

Leader of the Castle Greyhawk Guardsmen


Captain McDougal is the leader of the Castle Greyhawk Guardsmen. He is looked up to by every member of his watch, and his subordinates will take no guff about their leader.

Captain McDougal has a strong chin, aquiline nose and boutiful head of hair. Like all of the Guardsmen, he wears a bright breastplate, leather gloves, a short dark blue cape and soft leather breeches. Instead of the polearm that the men of the Guardsmen carry on their watch, Captain McDougal is armed with a high-quality longsword. He is usually accompanied by one of his extremely loyal lieutenants.

When not patrolling the walls or the market and hearing about all the comings and goings around the castle, Captain McDougal can usually be found relaxing in a tall-backed chair in front of the large fire in the main hall of the Castle Guard Headquarters.


Captain McDougal

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