Castle Greyhawk

Looking for Work

Casting about for opportunities to make some extra cash, the Companions have decided to pursue different ends:

  • Kiri undergoes rigorous training under the auspices of Rhie, a Lord who takes on training disciples in the combined training area under the Citadel Union. This training could take up to a few weeks, but in Kiri’s case only takes 2 weeks.
  • Freya attempts to follow up on a rumor she’s heard about troubles at Temple Greyhawk, where she discovers a multi-denominational chapel that attempts to serve all the faithful residents and visitors of Castle Greyhawk.
  • Sayem overhears conversation that implies there’s some sort of rivalry between the Cavalier’s and Paladin’s Club and the Castle Guardsmen, and he attempts to find out more.
  • Bartholemew tries to enter the Tower of Wizardry and encounters someone as surly as himself and after refusing the pay up to enter, is rudely turned away.
  • Merricus the halfling thief is introduced to the party during their time at the Merry Memory Moss Inn, and he is added to the company contract in exchange for his services.
Kiri’s Training

Kiri negotiates with Rhie, a human Lord who takes on trainees in a huge area underneath the Citadel Union. Rhie shares the area with Gorp, a rough human barbarian, Sushi, a monk who is Master of the West Wind, and XXXX, a human ranger.

Rhie’s training is rough, and he brags from the outset that he “learned torture techniques from a half-orc once”. Taking his cues from Sushi, possibly a little too much, Rhie has Kiri scrubbing the training area floors and walls, while smacking him with wooden swords and telling him to avoid the blows. Combat training consists of using heavy padded iron bars, thick iron shields and fighting against Rhie who uses a variety of blade weapons while wearing very little armor. A modest amount of bow training is undertaken under the half-interested eye of the ranger, who seems impressed at some times but when looked at directly seems completely bored. The training is extremely rough and Kiri suffers 1-2hp of real damage per day. But he’s fed well and doesn’t even mind that the ‘bed’ is a moldy slab of wood.

The price for the training is 1500gp a week, but Rhie accepts Kiri under a much reduced fee in partial exchange for staying day and night in the training area, cleaning up after all the other trainees, cooking and serving food, and a further contractual promise to pay Rhie 1000gp as soon as he can.

Freya’s Investigations

After overhearing about possible troubles at Temple Greyhawk, Freya makes her way there to introduce herself to the priests. She is shown the area reserved for dwarven deities, is heartily disappointed, and eventually meets Lorgin, the Master of the Dead. Lorgin looks after the recently dead and prepares them for burial. In his rambling sort of way Lorgin is very happy to hear that someone is interested in his quandry: bodies and body parts have been going missing from his morgue area for several months now, and the reason why needs to be found out as quickly as possible, with maximum discretion!

Continued on the Quest for Crypt Robbers page.

Sayem’s Questioning

The group finds out through talk in the Merry Memory Moss that there’s a healthy rivalry between the Cavalier’s and Paladin’s Club and the Castle Guardsmen, and Sayem takes it upon himself to talk to one of the guards as the Cavaliers are practicing out in the castle yard. Upon finding out the name of the Captain of the Guard, Captain McDougal, Sayem went to talk to him at the Castle Guard Headquarters.

Continued on the Quest for Galen’s Hat page.

Bartholemew’s Tower Door Experience

Bart’s sole contribution to adding to the knowledge of the party was to attempt to enter the Tower of Wizardry, whereupon he was demanded to hand over 40 gold. When he refused, the door was slammed in his face. Upon relaying this story to the rest of the group, a passing ruffian offered a ring that would guarantee passage into the tower for 750gp (“these usually go for fifteen hundred!”) but the group refused. Since the Tower of Wizardry is the only place that magical training happens in Castle Greyhawk, at some point Bartholemew will need to get in and talk to someone there.

Merricus’ Information

Merricus tells the group after a few pints of Hearty Hart Harr ale that the local thieve’s guild might be able to help with Galen’s hat. You get the sense that this is information that you’re really not meant to know, but it’s not the most dreadfully important thing he can share about the guild.

Finishing the Zoo

This session started with continuing the goblin attack on the group, which ended victoriously for our brave adventurers, with everyone getting their hands bloody!

After cleaning off their weapons, some bright spark (Bart) decided to poke a large black sphere in the corner of the room, setting off horrible gas spores and causing immeasurable pain to Bartholemew and Freya!

Toddling about through a couple more rooms, the group found some very cuddly mini-taurs who wanted to tag along and play with them, but were cruelly shut into a cage by a trick! (negative xp)

Exploring the ‘sea serpent’ area of the zoo, the group came across the home of the uniducks, some floating balloon orcs (which turned out to be gas orcs, according to Zando), a friendly water creature that looks like a beholder but is much more friendly, and a group of fun-loving dolphins that seem to LOVE doing tricks!

Just before leaving, the group decided to make use of the toilets near the entrance, only to discover a deadly hydra! Some quick thinking and lots of oil and torches took care of the pest, but now the visitor’s centre is full of the smell of burning flesh and feces. Does anyone have some sage they can burn to cover the foul odor?

First Steps into the Dungeon

The first session ended with our brave explorers deciding to ignore the easy routes and go straight down the ‘mysterious beast of gargantuan size’ hallway, which led them to a room with a cage in the middle. The door had been ripped off the cage and a corridor led away from the room to a balcony overlooking a very large, very hungry two-headed creature that was guarding a robed man sitting forlornly in a cage.

After a combat in which our brave halfling thief had his life cruelly ended, the crettin (not ettin, a crettin) was brought down and the man in the cage rescued after some questioning.

The man introduced himself as Zando, and he paid off Callum with a handful of silver coins, who then scampered off and back to his urchinous life. Zando explained how the zoo came to be and offered a stake in the zoo’s income if the group would continue clearing it of all the mischievous creatures that had taken it over. The group agreed (knowing they’d earn a tidy profit just on the map-making alone!).

After a rest and recuperation, some exploring of the rest of the zoo was in order, and this session finished just as a group of goblins ambushed the group from two directions.


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