Quest for Crypt Robbers

Lorgin has asked the Companions to investigate why body parts and even whole bodies have gone missing from the morgue below Temple Greyhawk (where he prepares the dead before burial or cremation). The body parts have been going missing for several months, and nearly every body that has been buried in that time has had a limb or organs missing. So far the Temple has been able to cover up the missing body parts and even whole bodies by skillful application of burial shrouds and providing free coffins, but word is bound to get out at some point, and the Temple elders need the situation resolved as quickly as possible, with utmost discretion.

The Companions have been offered a minimum of 1000gp to solve the mystery, with extra fees commensurate to the effort required.

Lorgin is the only person who enters the morgue and the only one who prepares the bodies. He says he’s heard a strange rumbling noise at times, but that’s it. The body parts are only ever taken at night, when Lorgin isn’t in the morgue. The morgue is the only place the bodies are stored before burial. All body parts have been taken, except for heads by themselves. Lorgin isn’t sure how many arms, legs, hands, etc., have been taken.

So far, the group has tried:
*Staying in the morque overnight – the second night they heard the rumbling noises Lorgin mentioned
*Staying in the room for weeks at a time – they heard the rumbling noises on a few nights, but nothing more
*Tying a string to a body, closing the door and waiting – they heard the rumbling noise and it got louder, then stopped. The group rushed in and Merricus heard what he thought was whispering and footsteps on the other side of the wall, but nothing else could be detected.

Quest for Crypt Robbers

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