Group Experience

This is one of the very few things about the characters that will be visible to all players. We’re still trying to foster a sense of mystery and distrust, even though one or two of you are running more than one character!

Total xp
Character xp level next lvl
Bartholomew Oewrick 2250 1 2500
Freya 2800 1/1 1500/2000
Kiri 3000 2 4000
Merricus 2100 1 1250
Sayem Serolde 2800 1 2000
Session 3 xp
Group Points

1000 …for turning in a proper map of the zoo level (the Herzog wants a guided tour from you all!)
500 …for exploring the various rumors you’ve heard
300 …for good trapwork
1800 total
600 each




400 …for working with the clerics
300 …for demonstrating devotion to diety
600+ from group total
1300 total for session


250 …for good roleplaying with Rhie
150 …for not complaining about slave grunt work while training
600+ from group total
1000 total for session



Sayem Serolde

400 …for doing good work talking to the guards
300 …for standing toe to toe with
600+ from group total
1300 total for session

Group Experience

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