Raithan Pelagius

A professional mercenary from the far east.


A front-line fighter armed with a scimitar, a shield, and a brace of javelins.

Currently wearing padded armour and a small shield, but will upgrade to ringmail and a large shield as soon as he can afford it.


He is the youngest child of loving parents, Milthan and Arailia Pelagius, and the younger brother of Alexius and Cyrus, with whom he remains close.

His father was a guard for the local arena, and Raithan spent his childhood watching the fighters train – though his father never allowed him to go to the actual games.

On his majority, Raithan joined the city guard, before leaving a year later due to boredom. Since he promised his mother he would never become a fighter in the arena, he has spent the last few years traveling west, working as a caravan guard, secretly looking for an opportunity to make a name for himself.

He is a quiet, grave young man with a dry sense of humour that is often misunderstood.
He secretly enjoys listening to tales of heroes and monsters.
Every week he writes a clumsily written letter home, assuring his mother that he is fine, and is eating well.

Raithan Pelagius

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