Castle Greyhawk

First Steps into the Dungeon

The first session ended with our brave explorers deciding to ignore the easy routes and go straight down the ‘mysterious beast of gargantuan size’ hallway, which led them to a room with a cage in the middle. The door had been ripped off the cage and a corridor led away from the room to a balcony overlooking a very large, very hungry two-headed creature that was guarding a robed man sitting forlornly in a cage.

After a combat in which our brave halfling thief had his life cruelly ended, the crettin (not ettin, a crettin) was brought down and the man in the cage rescued after some questioning.

The man introduced himself as Zando, and he paid off Callum with a handful of silver coins, who then scampered off and back to his urchinous life. Zando explained how the zoo came to be and offered a stake in the zoo’s income if the group would continue clearing it of all the mischievous creatures that had taken it over. The group agreed (knowing they’d earn a tidy profit just on the map-making alone!).

After a rest and recuperation, some exploring of the rest of the zoo was in order, and this session finished just as a group of goblins ambushed the group from two directions.


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