Castle Greyhawk

Finishing the Zoo

This session started with continuing the goblin attack on the group, which ended victoriously for our brave adventurers, with everyone getting their hands bloody!

After cleaning off their weapons, some bright spark (Bart) decided to poke a large black sphere in the corner of the room, setting off horrible gas spores and causing immeasurable pain to Bartholemew and Freya!

Toddling about through a couple more rooms, the group found some very cuddly mini-taurs who wanted to tag along and play with them, but were cruelly shut into a cage by a trick! (negative xp)

Exploring the ‘sea serpent’ area of the zoo, the group came across the home of the uniducks, some floating balloon orcs (which turned out to be gas orcs, according to Zando), a friendly water creature that looks like a beholder but is much more friendly, and a group of fun-loving dolphins that seem to LOVE doing tricks!

Just before leaving, the group decided to make use of the toilets near the entrance, only to discover a deadly hydra! Some quick thinking and lots of oil and torches took care of the pest, but now the visitor’s centre is full of the smell of burning flesh and feces. Does anyone have some sage they can burn to cover the foul odor?


It was actually Bart, master of Arcane Lore, who applied physical stimulus to the black sphere. A perfectly reasonable application of applied magical experimentation!

Finishing the Zoo
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